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Looking for a new opportunity?

Corporate Staffing will match you up with the next great step in your career. Combining deep experience in the market with a keen interest in your career development, our recruiters can be trusted to fit each candidate to an opportunity suitable to his experience and interests. After all, the right match is the foundation on which future success is built.


Looking for top talent?

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small, locally owned business, count on us to provide the highest quality employees both on an ongoing basis, and during specific times of the year or when special circumstances arise.

Looking for payrolling services?

Corporate Staffing has extensive experience in payrolling, serving as the principal provider for some of the largest multinational companies in the world. Talk to us about how we can make this expertise work for you.

About Corporate Staffing

Corporate Staffing is a full service staffing company that has been a trusted provider of professional placement, payrolling, and staffing services to companies in the eastern Texas region since 1986. Find out more.

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